Net worth update April 2018 – 313,452 (+$15,572)

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Another incredible month in March. The markets are troublesome, but I’m adding so much income against it that the overall net worth is still going up. We also received almost $10,000 in tax refund due to my planning of end of 2017.

Assets $1,030,741 (+$9,999) – Not a typo, exactly that. $1 off 10k.


  • Vanguard (401k) : $61,330 (+$567)
  • Vanguard Brokerage: $51,384 (+$1,106)
  • Schwab Brokerage: $1,000 (+$1,000)
  • Vanguard Roth: $16,623 (+$139)
  • Fidelity Roth: $16498 (+$94.54)
  • Total: $146,832 (+2,907)

I’ve increased my double-weekly deposit on the Vanguard brokerage. I opened the Schwab Brokerage to get a $100 bonus. Everything else is boring.


  • $34,208 (+$7,291)

Lots of spare cash due to lots of CC and Bank bonuses being worked on.


  • $840,000

House valuation according to Zillow/RedFin is now around 900k, I’m still keeping it at 840k. We are thinking of adding a few house improvements, solar panels/roof and remodeled bathroom. If we do it, we expect the value of the house to increase as well, so we’ll add it to the home valuation.

Liabilities -$717,289 (-$5,573)

  • Mortgage: $710,236 (-$1,258)

I’m paying the mortgage at a slow speed. Same strategy. Interest is low (2.85%) and are tax-deductible, which mean a less than 2% effective rate, below the target inflation.

  • Car Loan: $0 (-$6,193)

Wee, I decided to pay the car loan in full this month. The interest rate was at 3.25%. The interest payments are not deductible. I had extra spare cash, and it gives me something less to track. It removes the lien from the vehicle. I can update my insurance to remove the collision protection which will lower my upkeep cost. One less thing to worry about. Yay!

  • CC Debt: $7,053 (-$1,877)

Nothing to say here. I never carry a balance, so that’s the new balance for this month. There are also business expense associated there, which will impact my monthly net worth, but it will not impact my saving rate.

Leverage Ratio: 69.59% (-1.23%)

Income $21,372

My highest monthly income ever, but exactly as expected. There was a strong tax refund of almost $10,000. The rest is normal salary. As usual, I ignore all dividends, cash back or other investment variation.

Net worth: 1,030,740 – 717,289 = $313,452 (+$15,572)



Expenses are mostly kept in check. They are slightly up due to more expenses for our kids and education, which is something I feel happy to splurge on. We got them new bicycles, new bed for our younger daughter, etc.

Saving Rate

In March, our saving rate is 75.6% – Completely incredible. According to Mr. Money Mustache, such a sustained saving rate would mean we can retire in 7 years if starting from 0. Of course, it’s exceptional due to the tax refund. Without the tax refund, the saving rate would still be 71.45%! (retire in 8.5 years). Our last 12 months rolling average saving rate is now at 51.60% (up from 47.15% last month).



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