Net worth update May 2018 – 319,887 (+$6,426)

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A normal month in April. The job stress has taken over me. On its own, the job is easy. Code, meet people, meet more people. Write emails. Write documents. In reality, there are conflicting requests, answering phone calls, debating ideas and the constant never-endlessness of it. I am always online, reachable through emails, instant messaging or other online tools. The work never ends, the site is live 7 days a week, 24 hours a day;  with on-call pager duty rotation.

Basically, I’m starting to think this is too much. I’m willing to slow down. I’m fine taking a few more years to reach financial independence, if it means I get to keep my sanity. I’ve played with numbers. It doesn’t affect them too much. Compound interests help!

Lack of sleep doesn’t help as well. The whole family has been sick, and my youngest one refuses to sleep a complete night. Ah well, life of family parents. 🙂

Let’s go down to the emotionless numbers!

Assets: $1,035,588 (+$4,848) – Great! Almost 5k more in assets.

Investment breakdown:

  • Vanguard (401k) : $63,140 (+$1810)
  • Vanguard Brokerage: $54,530 (+$3,149)
  • Schwab Brokerage: $0 (-$1,000) <- I got my bonus. I transfered the money out. 🙂
  • Vanguard Roth: $16,470 (-$153) – Is there really a point to owning bonds?
  • Fidelity Roth: $16359 (-$139.06) – Same question!
  • Total: $150,499 (+3,667)


  • $35,589 (+$1,381)

Lots of spare cash due to lots of CC and Bank bonuses being worked on.


  • $840,000

To encourage myself, I’m going to slowly increase the home evaluation in the following months. I don’t want it to go up/down like a rollercoaster, but instead steadily increasing. This will offset the home maintenance cost and allow me to properly take care of the home.

Liabilities: $715,711 (-$1,578)

  • Mortgage: $708,975 (-$1,261)

I’m paying the mortgage at a slow speed. Same strategy. Interest is low (2.85%) and are tax-deductible, which mean a less than 2% effective rate, below the target inflation.

  • CC Debt: $6,736 (-312)

Nothing to say here. I never carry a balance, so that’s the new balance for this month. There are also business expense associated there, which will impact my monthly net worth, but it will not impact my saving rate.

Leverage Ratio: 69.11% (-0.48%)

Net worth: 1,035,588 – 715,711 = $319,877 (+$6,426)

Income: $12,023

Income is back to “normal” level.



I’ve splurged on expense this month. Decided to increase a lot of expense. Bought a few electronics, rented hotels, registered to a marathon, etc.

Saving Rate

In April, our saving rate is 47% – Still a good value ! Our last 12 months rolling average is now below our goal at 49.44% (down from 51.60% last month). The coming month of May, June and July should be incredible in terms of income. Stay tuned!


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