Objectives Q1 2018

Objective – Lose 20 pounds.

Current Status: Failing

Since January 1st 2018, I’ve gained 10 pounds. This is going in the wrong direction. I now need to lose 30 pounds. It’s a simple mind-set. I usually eat well during the day, then I splurge just before going to bed.

Objective – Accumulate $2500 in churning of credit cards and bank account bonuses

Current Status: In Progress

On Credit Card, I’ve accumulated $337. I have $500 reward pending.
On Bank Account, I’ve accumulated $100. I have $900 bonus pending.
Total: $1837
This is going very well!

Objective – Obtain a savings rate of 50%

Current Status: In Progress

My saving rate for the last 4 months has been:

  • 68%
  • 65%
  • 76%
  • 51%

And my rolling 12 months average is: 49.75%

This is very much on track. The last few months of December will bring little income, so the saving rate needs to be high now in order to achieve 50% average total over the year.

Objective – Publish 2 public tools

Current Status: In Progress

I’ve started multiple local tools:

  • One tool to compare cryptocurrency value over time.
  • One tool to compute your RRQ

To continue progress, I need to expose these tools publicly.


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