I added some ads on the blog. I put off my ‘Ad-Blocker’ to see them.
How awful !! They are everywhere, up in the header, right in the side-bar, right in the middle of the text (!!!) and at the end of the page.

I’ll tweak it in the next few days … the side-bar advertisement does not bother me too much, and the one at the end of the post is fine. But something that interrupts your reading or an advertisement that changes your browsing experience, that is not correct at all! I prefer to have a well targeted and useful advertising rather than this mess. I am still at the experiment phase.

Finally, with the translation of the blog in English, I want to do experiments with the  audience. I will have to split the mailing lists to reach each sub-group, but I do not think it adds more workload, I believe I can reach a certain financial niche with the Quebec / USA aspect. To be continued! 🙂

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