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Get paid $1000/hour

I’ve been busy lately getting an hourly rate of $1, 000 at a special job. Plus its non-taxable money, a real good deal.

You’re selling drugs?


You are doing tax evasion? 


Well, what then???

I refinanced my mortgage.

Huh? $1000/hour? Doesn’t make sense.

I had a $620,000 house mortgage at 4.25% interest and also a line of credit of 95,000 $ to 6.25%. *

I did some mortgage shopping. I found a deal over 3 years at 2.875%.

Computing the savings in interest over 36 months, while factoring the closing costs ($1700) lead me to $20,000 in savings.

I could have saved even more, but I failed. I missed a phone call to lock my interest rate at 2.75% initially. That would have saved me another $2000. Think about it, that’s a $2000 phone call. The opportunity cost of many of our actions are incredible.

The family worked 20 hours for this refinancing:

  • 10 hours of research, comparisons and communication with lenders.
  • 5 hours to pretty up the house for the appraiser.
  • 5 hours to complete official documents.

Total: 20 hours, $20,000; $1000/hour. Not bad. If you find something that pays more, let me know. 


*: On the West Coast, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Vancouver, the houses cost a fortune. They are not necessarily bigger. Location, location, location.

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